MASCHIO GASPARDO IBÉRICA launches its new showroom space in Binéfar

MASCHIO GASPARDO IBÉRICA launches its new showroom space in Binéfar

Mascio Gaspardo Iberica It opened its doors last Wednesday, February 28, in the city of Benevar to provide the new training and exhibition space. “Gallery” Which will allow us to continue to establish a close and close relationship between merchants and the end customer.

To this end, the company organized a meeting targeting agents, customers and the media cooperating with it in order to introduce the keys to implementing this project, the background of which began to develop in 2019.

New facilities Mascio Gaspardo Iberica For the northern region

More than a hundred farmers, traders and customers had the opportunity to come to the company's new facilities to see first-hand the implementation of this new project in Pénivar that will serve the whole of Spain, but essentially the entire northern region due to its proximity. .

Adrien Grande, exhibition director

Attracting new clients and being able to showcase the latest company news in a more personalized way will be key aspects of this new training space. “Thanks to this showroom, we will be closer to our entire commercial network and to the farmers with more specialized training. It will be a service point for our technical staff to provide more exclusive and direct attention,” commented Andrés Grande, director of the showroom space, during his speech.

Training, a key aspect of agriculture

Training is an essential element for achieving competitiveness, not only in terms of technical knowledge and productivity, but also in terms of business management, advice and at a commercial level. So, for Mascio Gaspardo Iberica Promoting essential and essential training in this area is a firm commitment to continue growing and adding value to the brand. “Being able to have a space to offer different trainings and talks, both at a commercial and technical level, with the support of the entire MASCHIO team, is the main focus around which this project revolves,” commented Alfonso Egea, General Manager of Mascio Gaspardo Iberica.

Alfonso Egea, Director of Maschio Gaspardo

For his part, Mario Gaspare, Commercial Director of… Maschio Gaspardo Collection, He reinforced the words of the Director General aimed at training. “Despite all the difficulties we faced last year, the company continued to grow and invest in different products, new collections and in spaces like the one we are in today,” the company's commercial director said. Mascio Gaspardo Collection.

In addition, the ceremony was attended by Mario Gaspari, Commercial Director of the MASCHIO GASPARDO Group, Alberto Perfetto, Chief Service Officer of the MG Group, and Director of the Alessio Valeri Academy.

MG Italy

The information portal is activated

Throughout this year, various training courses related to the new collections and products will be carried out, supported at all times by the Italian Academy, which will later be announced on the online portal enabled by the company. “We want to make you feel that this is your home where you can come and see our new products and equipment first hand, and that we, together with the dealers, can form this triangle,” concluded Andres Grande, Director of the Exhibition Space. In the event.

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