Atletico vs Real Madrid 1-1; Benzema tightened the league with a tough balance

Atletico vs Real Madrid 1-1;  Benzema tightened the league with a tough balance

He has to be the best attacking player Real Madrid, Rescuer of a ship that was staying Two minutes of immersion On the field of the Metropolitan Stadium this afternoon, where Zinedine Zidane’s side drew 1-1 with Atletico de Madrid in the capital Derby in the last minute..

Kareem Benzema, Who missed the last three weeks due to injury, took charge Restore a point of the Colconeros house, Who did not know how to end the fight and paid so much for not having the strength in front Thibaut Courtois, It was one with the French, the best the white box provided.

Led by Solo Simeon They made an almost perfect match. They dominated most of the time, had clear plays, and defended their frame well They went in front of the scoreboard as the clock struck 15 minutes.

Marcos Laurent, who in a play he entered the edge of the area, exchanged a ball Louis Suarez Facing competition law. Uruguay allowed the ball to run, a With three fingers in his right hand he knocked down the Belgian goalkeeper and advanced 1-0 On the metropolitan scoreboard.

The spectators dominated the ball control, but They have little imagination and clarity when Rojiblanca hurts the target, At the end of the first half the referee, who lived through the moments of pain, A portion of the pelvis in the VAR was checked within that area, Were not eventually fined in favor of the visit.

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The trend in the second half was similar. Atletico gave the ball to Real and tried to end the fight with counter-attack plays, however, despite creating, Could not solve at zero time, And as the minutes progressed, the strategy to protect the benefit changed.

Already closer to the usual time, Benzema He started a private play near the crutch. He eliminated two rivals, within the area he had already played Casemiro It was on his right side with him. Brazil, despite having pre-law, is not frustrated, and He played again for Kareem, now alone and with the goal almost open, sending the ball down in the 88th minute.

With this result Atletico de Madrid scored 59 points, Only three from him 56, Barcelona, In the meantime he 54 with Real Madrid The league pressed the race to defend the championship.

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