Elon Musk says Tesla will introduce the updated Cybertruck

Elon Musk says Tesla will introduce the updated Cybertruck

(CNN Español) – More than a year after Tesla introduced the first version of the Cybertruck, the company has been silent about plans for its highly anticipated electric truck.

But CEO Elon Musk said A. An updated version of Cybertruck.

Gary Black, Former Director of ejecutivo de Aegon Asset Management, chirp Saturday: «elonmusk, any updates on the first delivery date of the Cybertruck, any interesting features or options? Waiting safely. $ Tesla ». musk Answered, Saying Tesla will “likely” inform Cybertruck customers in the second quarter. He also said that the car will be built at the company’s Gigafactory plant in Texas.

Tesla revealed first edition From his e-truck in November 2019. During the unveiling, a man hammered the sides of the truck without damaging it. But a display of supposedly shatter-resistant glass truck windows failed when a metal ball was thrown at the windows, in fact, smashing them.

Musk recently admitted that Tesla had quality issues. In 2018, engineering consultant Sandy Monroe said the Model 3 initially had “flaws that we see in 1990s Kia cars.” And in prof February interview “I think his criticism was on the spot,” Musk said with Monroe.

The current Cybertruck model hardly resembles a conventional truck, with futuristic sharp corners that look like something out of the movie “Total Recall.” Tesla said the basic version of Cybertruck starts at $ 39,900.

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Peter Valdes-Dapena of CNN Business contributed to this report.

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