Attention to the health system | Aharon

Attention to the health system |  Aharon

The rise in delta-type infections from the Covid-19 epidemic has once again raised the concern that the island’s health system will collapse, one of the basic needs of citizens that affects not only the guarantee of life, but the preservation of the economy, such as exposure to speaker Kenneth Rivera is a certified public accountant.

Rivera explained that in every primary economy, it is essential to ensure that people have access to food, housing, health services and security. As the economy improves, infrastructure, education, and social mobility are included. He noted that as the economy continues to improve, other items are being added so that people can feel happy.

Every economic system is built on its people. “If the health system collapses, the economy either collapses automatically or suffers significantly,” the CPA said.

He also argued that as the pandemic spirals out of control, people automatically stop leaving their homes as a means of protection. And this, in turn, directly affects consumption, which, he asserted, will return the economy to the beginning of the epidemic a year and a half ago.

Now the effect will be greater. He noted that there are still countless companies that have not been able to recover and others that have not even been able to reopen operations.

And limiting the effect to the present, he asserted, is easy, because it depends on the consumption which will be permanently lost, and on the consumption which can be recovered. “There are things that we will eventually be able to do. But if people are going to the movies, going out to eat or buying something that was urgent today, it is consumption that does not recover, because one does not go and eat twice as a substitute for the time that did not He isn’t; or he doesn’t watch two movies or the same movie twice because he couldn’t do it when he wanted to,” said Rivera, who emphasizes that life and health should always be above economics.

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Rivera’s remarks come in light of the increase in the number of people in hospitals, as hospitals that have had problems treating COVID-19 patients due to a lack of capacity have already been registered, which has also put hospitals on alert.

At the beginning of the pandemic, the hospital sector incurred losses of $700 million, as hospital capitalization is mainly fueled by the outpatient services they provide.

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