Aunt Peta Chekes Rivera reveals if he dated her at 11

Aunt Peta Chekes Rivera reveals if he dated her at 11

dear Chiquis Rivera’s photo Once again she is in scandal, this is after making sure that her aunt, Peta Saavedra, was the one to tag her when she was only 11 years old.

Janie Marine Rivera broke Silence before accusations that her grandmother’s sister would have distinguished her for life and denied this information.

was a son beta savedra Who spoke ill of the woman and induced to believe that he could have hurt her Chiquis Rivera’s photo When I was just a kid.

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For his part, BETA asked for support from Chiquis Rivera’s photo He asks him to deny the said information and that’s what Diva de la Banda’s daughter did. The singer denied everything and indicated that she did not want to reveal the name of the woman who was very close to her mother who touched her.

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Pita Saavedra confirmed in El Gordo y la Flaca that it all revolves around a smear campaign by Don Pedro Rivera, who will be about to launch a new project and be controversial in his favor.

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Dona Rosa Rivera did not go into detail and did not know that Peta was her sister; Meanwhile, his grandson Johnny Rivera shared his love for Peta on social networks.

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Chikes Rivera has spoken on several occasions about the moments that have marked his life, ranging from his father, who is in prison, to his experiences with women.

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