Carlos Seville attacks the Ecuadorean national team. Says Gustavo Alfaro did not summon Junior Sornosa in order to find space for Damien Diaz | football | Sports

Carlos Seville attacks the Ecuadorean national team.  Says Gustavo Alfaro did not summon Junior Sornosa in order to find space for Damien Diaz |  football |  Sports

The Empaburan coach led Ecuador in the 1999 Copa America, from which he returned with three defeats and a elimination in the group stage.

Carlos Sevilla was the last national coach to lead the national team in the Copa America. It was in Paraguay 1999, and the performance resulted in three defeats in the same number of matches as Ecuador. La Tricolor was the last in Group C, losing to Argentina (3-1), Uruguay (2-1) and Colombia (2-1). After this great Ecuadorean failure in the CONMEBOL national team championship, the fate of the Emporans on the Ecuadorean bench was decided: FIFA was ousted from its position. Then came Seville’s most successful moments as a coach, winning trophies with Emelec (2001) and Deportivo Quito (2008).

Sevilla’s toughness, when consulted about football, is one of their hallmarks. He is straightforward and expresses his opinion without getting over the bush. On July 5, 2020, in an interview with EL UNIVERSO, he talked about what was happening at that moment in the national team, with Jordi Cruyff as DT from a distance. “A millionaire coaching staff was chosen, as if money were holding us back, and they are paid without ever setting foot on a football field. No amount of money has been paid, and moreover (Cruyff) has a clause under which he can leave if Barcelona wants to be in Spain, without It leaves a profit. There is no transparency in that.”

This Monday, after Ecuador qualified for the quarter-finals of the Copa America 2021, fourth in a group of five, Sevilla referred to two players from FC Barcelona: one not in competition (Byron Castillo) and the other who was out of competition for the contract with COVID-19 (Damien Diaz). ).

About Castillo

On the right side he said: “Why do they keep insisting that Castillo should go to the national team? When they know very well that the man is not registered (in Copa America) and cannot play for the national team, but it is still said that the solution now is Castillo. Before ( The solution) was (Demian) Diaz.”

Castillo has not been called by Gustavo Alfaro not even for scooters, because the FEF has not been informed of the legal status of the Canary side, according to a federation official regarding the Ordinary Justice’s positive decision about the player’s nationality. However, Castillo plays as an Ecuadorean in the LigaPro Serie A tournament and in the Libertadores Cup. Sevilla said in an interview with Radio Guayaquil that FIFA chose not to “risk it”. i99.

About Kitu

Diaz was about Seville more extensive, even declaring that Junior Sornosa should have been called in his place. “It was said before that the solution for the national team is Diaz. I’m not saying that he is not a good player, in Barcelona he is a character and everything he can be; but in the group, as far as the national team is concerned, there are players who perform better than Diaz himself.”

According to the national coach, “You have to be like this, clear and public, and you don’t have to turn around. We put a dash instead of a dot on the i, which is why Ecuadoreans are what we are. Things have to be said very clearly. Sornoza has shown that he plays well. Good, but unfortunately he wasn’t called up this time because they were looking for space for Diaz.” (Dr)

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