Authorities will dig 50 meters from the yard of the mentally ill Chalchoaba

Authorities will dig 50 meters from the yard of the mentally ill Chalchoaba

Security Minister Gustavo Filatoro said they will explore the entire floor of the serial killer’s home in search of more corpses.

The backyard of the Chalchuapa monster’s home, Hugo Ernesto Osorio Chavez, will be fully explored by the authorities in search of more secret graves where there may be more corpses.

Justice Minister Gustavo Filatoro said they would continue working at Osorio Chávez’s home. He pointed out that the Medico-Legal Institute has now joined the investigations to determine the exact number of victims.

Extrajudicial, Osorio Chávez told police authorities that there could be as many as 47 victims.

Video: A mentally ill from Chalchoapa had video surveillance cameras in her home

“Six bones were found yesterday” in the killer’s home in Chalchuapa, the official said while displaying pictures of the video surveillance cameras that have been installed in the house where the Prosecutor’s Office is conducting excavations.

“We will spend 30 days” searching the backyard of Osorio Chávez’s home, the official said.

He added that before the forensic medicine arrived, they found 14 shadows (possible bodies), and another six bodies were exhumed yesterday, he said, without giving details of the number of bodies that were found.

Photos: “Now that they have captured the person who caused the disappearances, the number may be even lower”: Chalchwapa residents show their indignation

“We will work in a yard of about 50 meters,” the official said during the interview from the front.

Villatoro denied that the killer of Chalchuaba was a monster in the police establishment, justifying that 15 years ago he belonged to the Palestinian National Council, and then he was arrested for the crimes he committed.

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