Frank Rijkaard could return to Barcelona many years later without returning

Frank Rijkaard could return to Barcelona many years later without returning

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The next owner of the bench Barcelona I do not know. Ronald Common He will direct his last game this weekend, and then the place will be free. Names? Many sounded, but nothing as surprising as what was discovered that Thursday.

Game World Announced as one of the options on the deck Joan Laborda This Frank Rijkard, Historical D.T. Dutch He spent 5 years at the club and can return after 7 years of inactivity.

The Plagrana leader The results of recent years continue with the idea of ​​returning to the sites of exit from the recession, for which it will be removed from the pension. Frank, Who is your first choice? 2003.

In the case of love the idea is possible, the problem for him Parsia Thing Rigcard After his failed adventures, not running since 2014 கலாடசரய் From Turkey And this Selection of Saudi Arabia.

And service?

Xavi Hernandez Despite the rumor, it is another thing that has gained strength in recent days Frank Rijkord, The famous midfielder is still in balance Barcelona.

It is detailed in the same MD release Service He will take over the Catalan squad, and in one or two seasons he will jump to the first team, while Rigcard Try to keep the boat afloat.

During his reign under the leadership of Persia, Frank Rijkard Won 2 leagues, 2 trophies and 1 Champions League.

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