Avenida del Mar, a seaside pedestrian space that stands out in Pinamar

Avenida del Mar, a seaside pedestrian space that stands out in Pinamar

“We from Pinamar and those who love Pinamar do not want concrete on our waterfront: in this work we follow the urban logic of our shore: wood, plants and sand (with selected compacted soil).
We are striving to achieve the best possible cohesion with the natural environment, ”Mayor Martin Yeza said on his social media networks.

When placing the issue on the public agenda, Mayor Yeza explained that it was this project that was launched to reassess and create a more sustainable pedestrian space on Avenida del Mar made with sustainable wood and local landscapes.

“We understand the value of not introducing elements that are foreign to our nature, and for this reason the only materials will be wood and plants. In parallel, we will present to the deliberation board a proposal so that vertical streets are with one hand to regulate traffic and also a parking place”, a statement from the works area.

The project is the first intervention to be carried out in an effort to regulate pedestrian spaces and vehicle turnover and is part of the waterfront reconfiguration that began in 2016. “The same decree that gave us the green light for all the renovation work on the front enables us Marítimo to order Avenida del Mar, parking lots, etc. After passing all the previous stages, it is time to think about moving forward in this stage, ”explained Fabien de la Serna of the Ministry of Landscape and the Environment.

“It’s soft work. We won’t use cement, tiles, and asphalt. This is very important to emphasize. It’s materials belonging to the beach environment. Wood panels, logs, local plants. All sustainable items to rearrange the safe space so people can walk and use the bike. We’ll put it.” Plants and posters to enter the spa. We are looking for a better space for all residents and visitors, “de la Serna explained.

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“We are working a lot with the planning secretariat, to generate diagnostics that set out step-by-step the goals of this project. In this first phase it will be around 500 meters. From Bunji to the south. The idea is to continue advancing these improvements.”

Architect Ariel Gallera, Planning Secretary, said: “It is a good time to do this. Now we need more to create safe passages for people. We are studying changing offerings and this first phase will be a work on Avenida del the sea from Bing to the pier. Everything will be designed. To generate a healthy circle with a pleasant and sustainable place. All we want to do is talk to our franchisees on the beach and we will start with a specific intervention. It is an easy job that there will be no inconvenience during its implementation. The mobility has to be positive and that is why we will advance in a very short time. “

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