Avenue South Residence Developer

Avenue South Residence Developer

The avenue south residences is the most popular residency in the country. UOL group limited, Kheng Lenog company and united industrial corporation are the developers of the company. It had 99 years leasehold. It is located in around three districts. The development layout has 56-story towers and it always had communal facilities. Furthermore, the residential units comprise the five four-story blocks. The Avenue south residence is very rarely found and it doesn’t project the furnishing offer quality and other comprehensive amenities It is always presented with reasonable prices. The brilliant concepts used for the development embodies and it always had the integrating conserved apartments. These apartments are burning the 56th storied twin towers in the market. Careful planning is undertaken to ensure all the units and two types of towers are oriented in a north-south direction. The potential investors are seeking the city-fringe property and it contains the story growth.

Peaceful places

These residences are located in the main place of the country and people are easily found the location of the residence. The housing apartments are inbuilt with the advanced facility. They are using many advanced technologies in their residences. The rooms have the 2 or 3 bedroom apartments in the horizon collection, 4 bedroom apartments are in peak collection, and 3 bedroom apartments located in the heritage collection. Many potential investors are available in these residences. The company also creates the advanced infrastructure for an easy user interface. They offer the best one-stop solution for commercial property for searching the buyer, investor for their use. Tenant looking helps to rent the commercial spaces. 7, 000 commercial properties are present for selling purposes. The most comprehensive selection is present in the offices for retail space and some industrial properties. Multiple options are provided by these residential properties. The avenue south residence pricing is very affordable compared to others. To gather more information, you can contact +65 6100-7757.    

Avenue South Residence Location

The sense of modernized heritage is present in the avenue south residence condo exudes. It is located in the home and it is always present with homely maturity. The tranquil estate is located at the edge of the city. Condo sensitively blends with the lush greenery of the rail corridor and it has the 24 km space for the heritage of the railway conversation and it is always present in the community integration space. The high-rise living with many lush greenery in the rail corridor and it had space around 24 km in the heritage railway conservation. And the community integration space is always available with these residences.

Housing Development

The avenue south residence condo strategically helps for the historical revival and it had a modern process. The 4 story is available in the 5 blocks conserved for the Singapore improvement. The oldest neighborhood estate in Singapore is presented as the central business district. The oldest neighborhood estate is located in Singapore city and it gives them more opportunities for access to these facilities. We easily enjoyed the Tiong Bahru estate in the Tanjong Pagar precinct and the affordable opportunities are also given in the market. The residence details are given on the websites and we easily access this information. The advanced avenue south residence floor plan makes the effective interface. 




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