Bruce L. Cast: Biden ignores accusation, Trump is nervous by his lawyer | International

Bruce L.  Cast: Biden ignores accusation, Trump is nervous by his lawyer |  International

One of its innovations Indictment This is the silence of the President, the current White House resident, Democrat Joe Biden, and the former President and Defendant Donald Trump. The first test pretends not to have happened, holds the agenda, does not say a word, the second is blocked from social networks and does not use other channels to express their feelings. Republican sealed lips are the worst thing in Washington after four years of riots. What would Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell have tweeted that day? Blamed him for the attack on the Capitol? What I would have said 10 Congressmen who voted in favor of judging him? Without the need for Twitter, what is known is that his lawyer’s action this Monday, the first day of the process, drove him crazy.

Bruce L. Custer received the attention of the congregation (worse). The lawyer was one of his interlocutors Ace, Presented himself as a lawyer, and continued to focus on Trump’s argument for freedom of expression, as the session had to decide whether it was constitutional to subject a president who, like the Republicans, no longer occupies power to the charge. To his dismay, he also referred to the defendant as a “former president” and confirmed the election results: “The American people have just spoken and decided to change the government.” He also said that Trump was “removed by the electorate.” By this, he argued that if he had committed a crime they should have arrested him instead of continuing to arrest him Indictment.

At times, he seemed to lose the thread, and after the shocking way in which the lawyers started their presentation they admitted that they were going to change the planned presentation, which was a devastating 13-minute video in which the most violent episodes of the attack were Trump’s atrocities on the same day.

The Republican continued the day off television His mansion in Palm Beach (Florida), according to sources around the American press, his anger was growing. Records of Alan Dershowitz, a former Republican lawyer, as a measure of the former president’s security standards Indictment (“I do not know what he’s doing,” he said of Castor on television.)

Castor – Former Pennsylvania lawyer known for denying the charge Dell actor Bill Cosby, Sentenced today – he is part of a legal committee that Trump signed 10 days before the trial began because he broke up with the lawyers he worked with at the last minute due to discrepancies. The other is David Shoen, a Georgia lawyer Former consultant Roger Stone In the Russian conspiracy investigation. Stone received a presidential pardon from Trump. This Wednesday, a journalist asked Castor if he had complained about his actions in the previous session, to which the legal representative responded: “On the contrary.”

When the Senate is buzzing Fourth Indictment History of the United States Trump is following his particular Florida deportation cases, with Joe Biden trying to ignore the matter. White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said the president did not plan to spend “too much time” visiting him and declined to comment on whether the Democrats thought he should be found guilty. “Well, he ran against him in the election because he thought he was not fit for the post,” he said in response to a direct question, “but he will leave the matter to the Senate.”

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