bad girl! Mia Khalifa surprised with a hammer in her hands

bad girl!  Mia Khalifa surprised with a hammer in her hands

Sure, more than one follower Mia Khalifa Small big success Instagram will be shocked to see the video where it is shown handling a hammer with his hands, while dressed in a more outlandish outfit than usual.

Two years ago, before venturing into a realm Only fans Mia Khalifa He had an account where he also shared exclusive content.

For this company, he recorded this video, although it was intended for the shoot, the video was probably just part of the advertising strategy that they later capitalized on through its launch.

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It is interesting for some to see Mia Khalifa in a video as more than just a simple photo, although this is shocking, because you can see her magic as it moves.

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in that Video Looks wearing Little uniform Consisting of denim shorts, Top was in 2018 when it was posted to his official Instagram account.

If you want to watch the video click here.

With a sledgehammer in her hands, she started shattering the windshield of the car while taking photos of her, for some it must have been a very hot shot to see her magic move with the bold top covering very little.

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