Bad news: He refused to let Raphy Pina spend her first birthday party with Vida Isabelle

Bad news: He refused to let Raphy Pina spend her first birthday party with Vida Isabelle

Singer Nati Natasha and her partner Ravi Pena.

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Music producer Rafael Antonio Pena Neves, better known as Ravi PinaFor a few months he was going through a delicate legal situation. For this reason, he is under house arrest and handcuffed, a measure that allows the authorities to keep him under surveillance and thus not to leave his home.

Following this legal decision made by the government of the country in which you reside, The businessman will also not be able to share his daughter Vida Isabel during his partyBecause he will celebrate on the twenty-second of next May his first year to be celebrated, and upon requesting permission to attend, this was refused.

Federal judge Francisco Besosa was to reject Pina’s request last Monday, according to “El Nuevo Día.”

“(Movement) denied without prejudice to a premature reason. Once the court and the probation officer were informed of Where to celebrate the birthday and the hours when Pina Nevis will be away from her place of residence, movement can be resubmittedQuoted from the aforementioned media outlet.

The 43-year-old manager’s lawyer explained that his daughter’s birthday is with the singer Natasha Natasha It will be carried out “at a location not yet determined outside the home” in which they reside.

“Obviously, the first birthday of his youngest daughter is a very important occasion for a father, especially a devoted father like Bena Neves,” which is part of what explains the request thus far rejected.

“Although details regarding the time and venue of the party are yet to be finalised, the birthday celebration for Pena Nevis’ daughter will take place in a safe and secure environment. Your presence will not pose any danger to society, or pose a danger to escape. You want to attend the celebration for the sole purpose of being with your daughter on such an important day,” the proposal states.

however, The ceremony will take place just two days before the hearing which has been postponed several times. This corresponds to the time when you will have to pay for the crimes you are accused of. For this reason, it will be held on May 24 at 9 am.

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