Christian Nodal talks about his health and states not to return to ‘excesses’ after his split from Belinda – Prensa Libre

Christian Nodal talks about his health and states not to return to ‘excesses’ after his split from Belinda – Prensa Libre

Christian Nodal has become one of the current references regarding Mexican regional music Which made him one of the most successful artists and has a lot of recognition.

however, His breakup with singer Belinda caused him to always find himself in the public eyebeing the protagonist of many rumors and gossip related to his emotional state after the breakup.

In a recent interview with the media, The singer was honest and stated that he was falling into various transgressions in his life, Such as alcohol abuse and neglect of their health.

The truth is that I take care of myself, and I treat myself well, because as I told you, I went several days without sleeping and I do not like it“I’m on a diet, I’m eating well, and I’ve given up on alcohol a bit,” the singer said.

As he said he wanted to live his life in peace, Without exaggerating the parties, because, in the words of the singer “They can finish it“.

Nodal also gave more lead in his new song I live in 6where confirmed It’s not a song dedicated to his ex-partner But in honor of singer Vicente Fernandez.

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“This song brings us a little of what Don Vicente left for us Which was the voice of the classic Ranchera but with completely new lyrics“.

In turn, he stated that the song was not necessarily related to something related to his personal life or to the Spanish singer. “Songs are just songs and don’t have to be related to what’s going on in lifeI’m really happy.”

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The singer recently performed two concerts in Guatemala, the country that is part of his tour Outlaw Despite his performance It was to the admiration of the entire audience, his stay was a trend due to an incident in which the singer fell while finishing his show.

“Thank you Guatemala for having a full house tonight, giving me so much love and singing with me in this wonderful country,” the singer said while performing his songs for the Guatemalan audience.

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