Banco Central de Cuba explains how to receive a transfer from abroad through Metropolitan Bank

Banco Central de Cuba explains how to receive a transfer from abroad through Metropolitan Bank

The Central Bank of Cuba (BCC) Receipt details specified by Metropolitan Bank Transfer from abroad and highlighting the importance of clarity and accuracy in the beneficiaries’ data.

Through its Twitter account, the BCC has made it clear that the funds will arrive in the currency in which the recipient’s account is in.

He explained that it is necessary to carry out the transfer, in addition to the full name and surname “as they appear in the identity document of persons”, specifying the identification number (card or passport).

Likewise, the bank transfer will include the residence address of the person receiving it: street or street, house or apartment number, between streets, neighborhood or city, postal code, municipality and county.

The referring relative or friend must provide a phone number through which the recipient can be located.

The SWIFT code for Banco Metropolitano: “BMNBCUHH” must be used; In addition to the corresponding branch (code) number, the legal address of the branch and the account number, if the customer owns it, despite – indicating to the banking authority – that the latter is not mandatory.

Currently, the so-called Mission Request, Which among other measures eliminates the circulation of Convertible Currency (CUC) while encouraging the use of foreign currency (and remittances from abroad) to access a wide range of products in stores and shops on the island.

At the beginning of April, The Metropolitan Bank of Cuba had to clarify in a note posted on Facebook that some of the CUC millionaire sums that appeared in the bank accounts of some Cubans in those days were due to a system error and not constitute a real balance.

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For his part, President of the Permanent Implementation and Development Authority of the Cuban government last week, Marino MurilloYou mentioned on Twitter that 80% From mainstream CUC as part of Monetary consolidation Since the beginning of this year.

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