Barcelona begin negotiations to play temporarily at Montjuic Stadium

Barcelona begin negotiations to play temporarily at Montjuic Stadium

Barcelona – Barcelona are already considering moving their matches to the Montju Stadium “for a while” while Camp No missions are underway, which the club wants to start “soon”.

Joan LaBorda met with city mayor Ada Cola on Thursday and told him about the club’s plans, which include improvements to the Espoo Parsia project, which, given the current status, has been approved as “obsolete” by Bartomeu’s decree. In granting permission to start work, in parallel, informed him of his desire to play on municipal grounds when missions could not use Camp No.

During the presidential campaign, Laporte’s candidacy only raised the possibility of playing in the Olympic Stadium, which was openly rejected by both Vector Font and Tony Frexa, among others, because they warned that Montjuke alone had the potential to have more than 56,000 fans at Camp Noson. Almost 30 thousand less.

Elena Castle, the current vice president of the organization, led the way during the election, warned of this option and made it clear that it would not be possible to mobilize 80,000 spectators at the Barcia Stadium at some point in time. Once at the club, Espoy teamed up with Jordi Larada, in charge of Parsia, to confirm and relocate the facility to Laporta.

Prior to the meeting between the club president and the mayor, Fort Thane held a meeting with City Council representatives Larada and General Director Ferran Reverter, after which Barcelona issued a statement saying, “No matter what the club’s mission, when the work is done, the stadium will never lose capacity for 80,000 seats.” .

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However, for a short time, it was recalled that Camp Novel could not hold competitions or spectators, which would force the company to temporarily look for a new home, most likely the Estadi Olympic Louis Company.

During the meeting between the club’s representatives and the city council, it was revealed that the renovation work to be carried out on the Olympic Stadium, whose current security is far from the minimum required to open its doors to the public, should be sufficient, it is understood that when the new roof is erected at Overhang Camp No, it will not be possible to play in it. .

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