Bandec is offering discounts on purchases with magnetic cards for February 14th

Bandec is offering discounts on purchases with magnetic cards for February 14th

The Cuban Bank of Credit and Trade (Bandec) launched a promotional campaign on February 14, Valentine’s Day, for customers paying with magnetic cards.

What is Bandec Bonus?

The Bandec Special Love and Friendship Day Bonus consists of an 8% discount on payments made through POS and virtual stores.

On which dates can I benefit from this discount?

To be able to take advantage of the Bandec Reward, you as a customer must make payments through POS and virtual stores between 11-14 February. Remember, outside of discount dates, the discount is usually 5%.

Who is entitled to the Bandec Reward?

According to the information provided through its official channels, customers of this bank who make payments will be rewarded with the following magnetic cards:

9200 0699 XXXX XXXX

9204 0699 XXXX XXXX

9206 0699 XXXX XXXX

9224 0699 XXXX XXXX

These cards can be linked to savings accounts, including those used to collect wages or pensions in Cuba.

How can I confirm that the discount is applied to my Bandec card?

He explains to the bank that it is possible to find out the discounted amount only by inquiring about the most recent card transactions.

As often happens on some occasions when Cuban banks offer bonuses, some customers have reported that they made a purchase on time and were still unable to see the discount.

From Cienfuegos, Anay Terry Tejeda, Bandec Communications & Marketing Specialist, Highlighted Which – which The bonus also includes payments made through the EnZona platform, And enabling him in some units of commerce and gastronomy in the province.

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Recently, the Cuban Central Bank itself encouraged customers to download EnZona version which brings improvements to the interface to showcase new payment rewards in stores, and includes the first 10 postcards sent by users for Valentine’s Day and Friendship, interface improvements and fixes.

They remembered that it could be recharged for free from the site Or from APKlis

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