What types of advancements are present in Florence Residences?

What types of advancements are present in Florence Residences?

The former florence residences site is located at Hougang Avenue and it was bought by the Hong Kong developer Logan property which had $629 million of growth. The maximum gross floor area has the 101, 244 sqm pricing of the area. Based on the construction cost they are included in the taxes of the market. Other costs also had the new developments in the residences. The project has 386,236 square fits in the zoned places. The residential developments had a gross plot ratio of 2.8 and it had 1410 units with mixed types. There are many different family requirements needed for the Florence residences. The central expressway is driven away from the Florence residence. There is more advancement present in the market growth. 


Florence Residences has more growth in the market and it makes a convenient way for the access. The bus stops, parks, and many essential places are present in the residences. It is located within the walking distance of the residences. It is also located near to the MRT station and the bus interchanges are present in the shopping mall. 


Location of the Florence residences


The Florence residence is located in district 19 on the upper Serangoon road. The private enclave area is located on the developmental area which gives the better expressway. This residence is located in the main places of the market. The florence residences floor plan is had many advancements.  


Schools and Education Institute near Florence Residences:

  • Xinmin Primary School
  • Holy Innocents’ Primary School
  • DPS International School
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Hospitals/Medical Centers near Florence Residences:

  • Joash Family Clinic
  • Punggol Clinic
  • Simon Road Family Clinic


Shopping Outlets near Florence Residences:

  • Kovan Heartland Mall
  • The Promenade @ Pelikat
  • Hougang Mall


Attractive Features


There are many attractive features available on the residences and it gives better utilization. Florence residence ranges are between $ 660,000 to S$ 2,500,000, and it is based on the size and layouts. Children’s playground is located in these residences and it children are more enjoyable for playing on this ground. Lounge pools, swimming pools are presented in the residences. International business is driven by the Florence residence. The impressive features are creates the great impact on this residences. The features help to create multiple facilities for the industry growth. 


Affordable Prices


They are given their facilities with lesser prices compared to other residences. These prices are good for market growth. It had more advancement in their industry. The luxurious playground, rooms are present in the market. This residence has always had the larger market growth. The pricing is based on the layouts and other designs in the industry. Daily convenience and many advanced facilities are given in the residences. The outdoor movie screening gives the maximum potential growth. In covid-19, many people wanted to live in residences. Many areas are not inbuilt with the advanced facilities but this residence is made with more advanced facilities. The main areas are near to the market and it helps for the developmental growth. Bedrooms are created with advanced facilities.     

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