Barbara Bermuda on her university dismissal: “Certain things have happened that the public does not know”

Barbara Bermuda on her university dismissal: “Certain things have happened that the public does not know”

Four years after his dismissal from the series UnivisionPuerto Rican journalist Barbara Bermuda He was honest about it Which surprised many and revealed whether he would return to television cameras.

In an interview on Jomari Joysu’s podcastShe also had a moment to reflect on her career and life as a mother.

“When I left TV, I was very upset with the way it happened. I love Univision, it has been my company for many years, it has been the company that invested in me… It pushed me to develop as a professional, I always carried Univision in my heart, unfortunately things happened.” Certain that the audience does not know, and I do not think that I will come to vent, but it was difficult, it was difficult and I had a little resentment … ”, admitted Bermudu.

“That’s when you realize who’s with you and who’s not with you, I can tell the ‘Primer Impacto’ family, the majority, has always been and still is,” the journalist added.

When asked if she would return to television, the reporter gave a solid answer.

“I always saw my work in front of the cameras as a job. And I always thought, ‘Am I going to have mic and camera syndrome?’ I did not suffer from this syndrome. Yes, it hurts to be disconnected from the public, but thankfully, with the digital age, I didn’t feel like giving up on that… I’m a Christian woman and I’ve always known this had a purpose and I always understood there were other doors,” admitted the person who hosted the newscast First Impact for several years.

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He also said that he has received various TV shows, including Univision, but made it clear that at this time in his life his priorities differ.

“Yes, even from Univision…Now that I work in my company, now that I’m in my role as a mother, when am I going to spend 5 hours studying?…Because my company is asking me, they need me, I’m the boss, it would be neglecting something, In the long run, it will give me so much more because TV has an expiration time… Departments change and some like you, some don’t, and you always have to plan A and plan B.”

In January 2017, journalist Barbara Bermudu was informed that her contract as host of Univisión’s “Primer Impact” would not be renewed on the same day she returned to work after the Christmas holidays.

The reporter spent 14 years in the exclusive service of the chain. At that time it was found that the motive behind the dismissal is financial.

Bermuda is married to journalist Mario Andrés Moreno, and joined the cast of “Primer Impacto” in 2002.

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