Mara Levi admits that she has fights hard with her grandmother Talina Fernandez

Mara Levi admits that she has fights hard with her grandmother Talina Fernandez

Talina Fernandez and Mara Levy, first daughter Mariana Levy They showed that they currently have an excellent relationship despite the fact that a few years ago they were known to have a strong relationship Differences The ideology that led them to some disputes despite being from the same family.

It was via a direct link to the show Sunrise daughter Ariel Lopez-Padilla He was full of praise for his grandmother, however, what caught the attention was that the famous proof of his personality is not easy to bear.

Through this conversation for the program morningThe young woman expressed that her grandmother is the most pampered, besides that she admitted that she loves to take her friends to meet her because she assumes her presence. very.

On the other hand, I also mentioned Doaa Talina She has a very strong personality, however, Mara tells her all her secrets, revealing that she is adorable cmplice.

The best advice of your life

Mara even bragged about the best Advice From the life that it gave Talina. I told him one day, Babi, what is unconditional love to you? And he told me that unconditional love is when you love someone who has to go buy him some tennis shoes so he can walk better.

Differences between him and his grandmother

However, when addressing the issue of the reprimand she had to receive from her grandmother, Mara realized that due to their being of the same character, there were strong differences between them.

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We both have a very strong personality, so our fists were hard, but then he returned to us with great love, which made us stronger.

Finally, Mara Levi thanked Talina like her Second mother After the death of Mariana and stood: she is Mother of Grace, from heaven, beautiful.


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