Barbara de Rigel shows her side at the Grinch this Christmas

Barbara de Rigel shows her side at the Grinch this Christmas

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actress Barbara de Rigel Back to uploading to social networks, now Share your spontaneous and creative side with your followers this holiday season.

Photo: Instagram debarbaraderegil

The influencer also surprised his followers on social media By sharing some pictures of her posing as one of the most recognizable Christmas characters, as well as finding out how to bring out her sexy side.

And the actress published a series of photos in which she showed her acting body, but that did not prevent her from wearing the clothes of “The Grinch”, and thus received her in the festive season. The makeup she used to revive this Christmas foe surprised her followers with just how perfect it was.

Photo: Instagram debarbaraderegil

With fine lines on her face, bushy green eyebrows, a black nose and a Christmas hat, the actress has achieved more 160 thousand likes, In addition to the many comments that highlighted the perfection of the characterization.

Accompanied by this hilarious photo, he wrote: “My Grinch version came to my house with my desire to celebrate Christmas as a family. I really love Christmas, it’s an excuse to get together with family or loved ones and have dinner… Thank year, life, health, things The good and not the good…Live and do as you are born without fear of what they will say…I like to be happy.”

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