Barcelona (0-4) against Real Madrid: Summary Coole’s hit song in El Clசிகsico!

Barcelona (0-4) against Real Madrid: Summary  Coole’s hit song in El Clசிகsico!

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Worse Barcelona In recent years he has entered the field Santiago Bernabeu And beat the leader 4-0 League From SpainThis Sunday night, without its highest reference Kareem BenzemaInsulted by the leading team, he delivered the worst game of the season ServiceScored four but was still able to come out with the advantage of two or three goals.

Gallery of Carlo Ancelotti This day was not a match for the Catalan team who came in with a sacrificial role in this match. Merengus could only compete for the first 10 minutes and the rest of the crowd dominated as they went into the break with a two-goal lead. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyeng And Ronald Arroyo Kick in a corner.

One shot Federico Valverde And one hand Vinicius Jr.. This is the most dangerous thing that locals can create, which seemed useless in crime, proving just how important this is. Benzyma On the attack throughout the campaign.

After the break, that seemed Real Madrid You can try to accommodate and shorten the advantage, however, at the beginning of the fill section, Fernando Torres He was responsible for increasing the score as he won by 47 runs to make it 3-0 in the Spanish capital.

At that time, the white defense was already so vulnerable that the French could not withstand the onslaught of the shining Plugrana. Ousmane DembeleWho was in charge of putting up two assists in the first two goals of the night.

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Barcelona He gave up a little in handling the ball. He left that responsibility to the locals 3-0 and continued to play at speed and counterattack. So he put the fourth and last on the board and captivated the victory Bernabeu.

⁇ பமேயங் He finished his second day and the fourth game of this Sunday with a boom, in which the Coole team could mark a poor start to the campaign under the movement, back and forth. Ronald Common.


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