Barcelona SC vs. Flamenco: Tables and Channels to Watch the Second Phase of Copa Libertadores | Football | Sports

Barcelona SC vs.  Flamenco: Tables and Channels to Watch the Second Phase of Copa Libertadores |  Football |  Sports

Teams will define the keys this Wednesday, starting at 7:30 pm at the monumental Bango Pichincha Stadium.

Barcelona SC will receive the monument this Wednesday at the Banco Pichincha Stadium (19:30) to flamengoWhat a replay of the Copa Libertadores semi-final, in which the winner will play in the final on November 27 in Uruguay.

The Ecuadorian team will be looking for this record at their home ground In Brazil, the Mango-led 2-0 was reversed, Allowing him to qualify for his third final on the continent, as he did against Olympia and Vasco da Gama in 1990 and 1998, both games lost.

For that, The group, directed by Fabián Bustos, will go out with their gala eleven He would also try to catch the ball, creating dangerous situations and allowing him to score two goals to penalize.

Players They will reach fullness of body, After not playing the weekend game against AugasPrecisely postponed by LigaPro due to the participation of the bullfighting team in Libertadores.

The Nixon Molina is the only victim of the Argentine strategist, Sent on the first leg. He will be replaced by Michael Carcelin, who closed his position in Brazil, while Molina found the red for the double yellow card.

There will be the other side Flamenco, That It will seek to reach its third Copa Libertadores final As he did in 1981 and 2019, it won against Koprilova and River Plate, respectively.

Like his rival on duty, The Mengau will go out with his gala eleven after the recovery of Georgian de Arascada and Philip Lewis, Those who are not on the first foot due to muscle asa comfort charcoal and who will jump as beginners in Guayaquil.

Strategic Renato Cacho has already beaten Barcelona SC at the 2017 Memorial, But when he was a Guild Technician. Now, he will seek to use a similar strategy, which will allow him to control the game and score the longest goal to end the series, forcing the domestic team to score four goals.

Flamenco came into the match after playing a date in Brazilia last weekend, where they drew 1-1 with the USA-MG, although they only played with four starters.

Channels against Barcelona SC. Flamenco

  • Ecuador: ESPN
  • Peru: ESPN 2
  • Brazil: Fox Game Brazil
  • Colombia: ESPN 2
  • Chile: ESPN 2
  • Paraguay: ESPN 2
  • Venezuela: ESPN 2
  • Bolivia: ESPN 2
  • Argentina: ESPN 2
  • Uruguay: ESPN 2
  • Spain: DAZN
  • United States: Be the game

Flamenco at times against Barcelona SC

  • Ecuador, Peru, Colombia and Mexico: 19:30
  • Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay: 21:30
  • Chile, Paraguay, Venezuela and Bolivia: 20:30
  • Spain: 02:30
  • United States (New York and Miami): 20:30
  • USA (Los Angeles): 17:30. (D)

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