Celebs’ Incredible Reactions to Lionel Messi’s Greatest Goal

Celebs’ Incredible Reactions to Lionel Messi’s Greatest Goal

Serena Williams’ reaction to Lionel Messi’s goal (Image: Video capture)

friday night, Lionel Messi Debut at Inter Miami He was also the author of one of the winning goals against Cruz Azul de Mexico for the League Cup, and DRV rocked the PNK Stadium. Among the celebrities in attendance were the Beckham family and LeBron James. Kim Kardashian and Serena WilliamsThe Argentina captain caught the attention of the cameras when he was photographed during his goal celebration.

Lionel Messi’s debut was exactly what everyone expected: joyous, a display of talent and success. In his first match in the pink jersey, the man from Rosario received a standing ovation when he scored his first goal in Miami after kicking a free kick when he barely entered the field. Under the supervision of his parents, his wife Antonela Roccuzo and her three children, When he scored, he ran to celebrate with his unconditional supporters.

Lionel Messi wowed Inter Miami fans on his debut (Photo by Chandan Khanna/AFP)

Lionel Messi wows Inter Miami fans on his debut (Photo by Chandan Khanna / AFP) – Credit: @CHANDAN KHANNA

When one of the most delicate images was created of Lionel Messi Happiness, a state visited a few times in Paris Saint-GermainBroadcast cameras showed the stadium in full swing. Serena Williams And Victoria Beckham Without a doubt, they were the ones who left everything behind in the clamor of celebration.

Stiff and open-mouthed to utter a long cry, Williams He was shocked by Messi’s movements on the field seconds before the goal. His celebration also caught the attention of the audience Sitting next to him was Kim Kardashian And she couldn’t look away from the tennis player because of the amount of excitement she showed.

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Almost identically From the other side of the stadium, Victoria Beckham repeated the athlete’s gestureBut in her case it was her husband, David, who was responsible for landing Leo at the club, one of the three owners of Inter Miami.

In pictures that have gone viral on social media, the couple’s children Romeo and Harper Beckham can be seen hugging and sharing a parental hug. Then show the smiling facesAlthough a little surprised to know that the best player in the world is going to stand out during the competition.

Lionel Messi debuts in an Inter Miami jersey and gives his team the win with a superb free kick goal.

Lionel Messi makes his debut in an Inter Miami shirt and gives his team the win with a great free kick goal – Thanks: @Instagram @leomessi

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