Barcelona will file a complaint with the Europa League regarding arbitration against Real Madrid

Barcelona will file a complaint with the Europa League regarding arbitration against Real Madrid

he Barcelona RHe will file an internal complaint with the EuroLeague Arbitration Panel To make referees’ decisions during Thursday’s match against… real madrid (65-64) Especially in light of the cancellation of the center basket Jan Vesely and subsequent loss of possession due to clock malfunction.

The action happened with 2:48 left in the first quarter and the score was 6-14 in favor of the Blaugranas. The possession clock stopped at six seconds in the middle of the attack. BarcelonaWhich ended with a basket of Jan Vesely Which initially rose to electronic position 6-16.

Upon realizing the error, the referees reviewed the play, calculated the time between the stopwatch stoppage and the Czech midfielder’s basket, and decided that the basket entered at an inappropriate time, considering the time elapsed between the two events as correct and awarding possession to Real Madrid.

he Barcelona He believes that his players acted conditional on the shot clock and the referee ended up punishing them incorrectly due to this technical problem. Moreover, the match was decisive in determining the winner, as the White team ended up winning by one point in a close final (65-64).

According to sources from the Catalan club consulted by EFE, Barcelona will file a formal complaint with the Euroleague Arbitration Authority to express what they consider to be errors in the referees’ officiating.Belosevich sandpaper, Milan Nedovic And Luca Cardom On these plays and others during the game.

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From the Barcelona entity, they hope that the Euroleague will publish an explanatory memorandum on the actions Wesleyas has previously happened in other particularly controversial acts or in which the referees made some serious errors.

However, the Catalan team had no intention of contesting the match, because in order to do so they would have had to register their disagreement in the referee’s report at the time the action took place and sign it, which did not happen.

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