In Game 3 we’ll see what we’ve made

In Game 3 we’ll see what we’ve made

With his team facing tremendous pressure to maintain their season and title hopes, Ty Lue believes the Los Angeles Clippers will show what they made in Friday’s third game in Dallas.

Trailed 2-0 after losing their home games to the Dallas Mavericks, the Clippers must stop a five-game losing streak that extends beyond last season.

He told me the clippers would show who they really are by standing against the wall.

He told me, “Certainly.” “I think when you lose 2-0 and enter another team’s circuit, it shows who you are. Our strength throughout the year, just trust and commitment together, tomorrow this will show us who we are and what we have made of it. So I’m excited to see it.”

While Lau and All-Star Ranger, Paul GeorgeThey said they were not worried after the 2–0 loss, the Clippers were unable to live up to the tremendous expectations for the championship and are looking forward to the possibility of another embarrassing failure in the playoff game.

They blew an epic 3-1 lead in the second round against the Denver Nuggets last year at the bubble. Determined to change the narrative about post-season failures, the Clippers have yet to win a playoff game since the fourth game against Denver. The Clippers are the only team in the last 30 qualifiers to lose five matches in a row as a favorite, according to ESPN statistics and information.

He can be clippers without the veteran position Serge IbakaThis was due to back cramps that caused her to feel pain Thursday morning, according to Lowe.

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With or without Ibaka, the Clippers must come with the right mindset in Game 3.

“Urgency is the right word,” Luo said. “Pressure or panic, I don’t believe it … [Los Clippers tienen que] Understanding urgency and understanding what we are trying to do and everyone is basically on the same page. This is the most important thing for me. But as I said, we’re ready to go. We have already cleaned some of the things that we need to clean. “

The Clippers entered the playoffs without playing their best basketball, and chose to rest the players at the end of the regular season. They seemed out of sync and bewildered about defense. Last year, the Clippers managed the Mavericks in six matches in the first round, but Lowe’s defense is yet to emerge after the season. Dallas pays off 50% of the three-point arc and Luca Doncic He averaged 35 points, 9.0 assists and 8.5 rebounds in his second season against the Clippers. Players like Tim Hardaway Jr.. , Galen Bronson s Josh Richardson They also hurt the clippers in the fourth quarter of their first two losses.

The Clippers also started their first two matches by shedding 33 and 35 points in the first quarter respectively.

Lue explained that the Clippers have to be a more physical team in Texas this weekend if they want to make the series.

“Swing,” he told me when asked how the Clippers responded after being punched in the mouth by the Mavericks in Los Angeles. “You can’t answer if you don’t swing … We have to play a physical match. They were definitely the most physical team, and I don’t know why because we talked about it. So to throw a punch, you have to swing.”

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“We have to be more physical, we have to swing and we have to go out and hit and we can’t keep going down in the first quarter. We have to be better defensive to start the match. We are fully aware of that and now we have to go out and put it in.”

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