Bart Bryant Net Worth: Real Worth of PGA Tour Winner

Bart Bryant Net Worth: Real Worth of PGA Tour Winner

Bart Bryant, who was a three-time PGA Tour winner, was killed in an accident with a vehicle. The pickup truck collided with Bryant’s SUV and Bryant was stopped by a construction crew when this unfortunate accident occurred. Our condolences go out to all of those who are deeply saddened by this tragic accident.

Bart Bryant’s wife was in the car when he crashed. She sustained minor injuries and was taken to the hospital. Bart has been on the PGA Tour for more than four decades and thanked by PGA Tour commissioner, who said that the “PGA Tour family suffered a great loss when a competitive golfer died.

Bryant attended the University of New Mexico for three years before he was eligible for the PGA Tour, which was one year before he graduated. Bryant won his first major championship in 2007 and won three others in that same year. Bryant’s brother also succeeded on the PGA Tour and overall, won twice.

Bart Bryant Net Worth

Bryant, who is successful and earns a great amount of money, has a net worth between $25-$35 million.

Bart Bryant Early life

Bart Bryant Family is saddened by the passing of Bart Bryant. Donna, Bart’s spouse, is his daughter. Bart married Cathy when she died and they were together for a year battling brain cancer until Catherine passed away. Bart isn’t married to Donna, but they have children from their previous relationships. Bart has two daughters with his former wife.

Bart Bryant died and left behind his wife Donna. He was born in November of 1962 and he was the son of a Baptist minister.

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