Pushes and insults in the Lithuanian Basketball League final

Pushes and insults in the Lithuanian Basketball League final

Ritas Vilnius and Litkapelis Panevezys played the third match of the Lithuanian League final. Basketball When there was a moment of great tension. after an error, The visiting coach blew up against Ritas and messed with the owner of the opposing club.

Kanak paid DT to the opposing team.

It all started when captain Rytas inadvertently hit a Lietkabelis player and left him lying on the ground, although the referees decided not to stop the game and it ended at a point for the locals. In front of this work and seeing that his player was bleeding, DT Nenad Canak started screaming and ended up getting fired.

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However, while heading to the locker room, Kanak pushed the rival coach, Gedrios Zepinas. And it didn’t stop there. Godelis, the owner of the local team, got into the fight and yelled at him from the stands. After a vigorous exchange of words, the players also participated.

Finally, when Kanak arrived in the locker room and everyone calmed down, the referees decided to restart the match, which It ended with the local team winning 85 to 63.

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At the end of the match, Lietkabelis Panevezys coach made a controversial statement when asked about his reaction. “It’s all on record. I mean I’m not proud of it, but that’s me. That was my natural reaction. I’m not an actor, I’m not a loser, I’m just a straight guy and I obviously act the way I feel.” shooting.

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He added, “At the time, the referees were supposed to call Gedraitis wrong with his elbow and on top of that, he was bleeding. There were two different cases against us and she responded to that. Like I said, it was all. Recorded.” Why do I have to explain it? I did what I did. It’s me. “

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However, coach Rytas denied paying. “I didn’t push it, I walked my way. I’m sure I’m not too proud of that episode. I have my own opinion, but this is for me and that’s it. “I don’t blame coach Zibinas,” he explained.

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