Basketball is back in Rosario, with the desire to finish another very difficult year on the court – Diario El Ciudadano y la Región

Basketball is back in Rosario, with the desire to finish another very difficult year on the court – Diario El Ciudadano y la Región

Chin strap out for a few seconds and Juango Cavalcante’s preview back to work.

Let’s start again, to try to end another very difficult year with a smile, to join forces and spread on the field all that desire that contained months of training and practice without the prize of the game, the match, the competition.

With more enthusiasm and hope of returning little by little to something like normal life, basketball competitions will begin in Rosario in the next few hours to resume their activity. And anxiety is the same in children and adults, because in addition to everything, the share of passion is enormous.

and how Citizen Usually reflecting this desire and this passion, in the run-up to the tournament, he brought together an important part of the basketball family with representatives of the different categories and clubs (thanks to those who were able to attend and sorry for those who were not contacted). Outdoors, in Urquiza Park and with the permission of the usual game area “owners”, the protagonists of the game pose themselves for pictures, taking care to remove their chin only before the flash and within a short time, so that the focus is in a few minutes.

The friends said “the court belongs to all” and gave them a few minutes to take pictures,

Good vibes to all (they lobbied to take the photo first and no one dared to argue), the hand and camera of Gwango Cavalcante and the collaboration of Lucas Maidana, journalist for Red Star’s delegate version, allowed Burberry to close a postcard that I hope will do very well in the second half of the season.

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The start of the renewed action will be with the men’s squad on Saturday 21 with streaks of 10. The matches scheduled are Fortin Paracas vs Timberley, Nautico vs. Regatta, Rosario Central vs. Los Rosarinos Student and Sportivo Federal vs. San Telmo de Funes (Zone 1), Atlantic Sportsmen vs. Fisherton, Echesortu vs. Gymnastics B, Freedom vs. Counties, Union and Progreso vs. Alumni de Casilda (zone 3), Cyclone BBC vs. Calzada, Cova vs. Arroyo Seco Workshops, Swiss Shot vs. Saladillo, Union de Arroyo Seco vs. VGG Workshops (Zone 4), Garibaldi de Fray Luis Beltrán vs. Municipality of Puerto San Martin, independent of Ricardone vs. Red Star de San Lorenzo, Sportivo Belgrano de Oliveros vs. Maciel, Sportivo Paganini Alumni of Granadero Pagoria vs. Timbúes Commune (District 5), Newell’s vs. Belgrano, District B vs. Edison, Sportivo America vs. Atlantic Mathematicians B and Zionista vs. Ben Hour (promo). District 2 will return on the 28th with Al Tala vs. Atalaya, United Athletes vs. Gymnastics A The University Vs. Temperley A.

With regard to the Premier League, events will resume on Sunday at 20 with Cova against the athletes in a duel on 6 of Zone 2, but the rest of the matches are aimed at adjusting. nautical vs. Ichorto went to Tuesday, Sportivo America vs. Thala still has no definition, Atalaya v. On Monday, Saladillo will play Temperley vs. The hurricane was postponed at Reed’s request.

In the case of First A, the action will be between Monday and Wednesday at 9 PM on the 5th and these games: Freedom vs. Sportivo Federal (Monday), Puerto San Martin vs. Provinces (Tuesday), Villa Gobernador Galvez v. Regatta (Tuesday), Calzada vs. Gymnastics (Wednesday), Casilda vs. Los Rosarinos Student (Tuesday) and Unión de Arroyo Seco vs. University (Tuesday).

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On Monday’s first B, Maciel will play late Independiente and face the Paganini alumni Garibaldi. In Zone 1, the 27th Swiss shot is scheduled to be shot opposite the shot. Maciel, Atlantic vs. Central San Telmo de Funes vs. Echesortu on date 5, while in Group 2, the Red Star will be measured against Fortín Barracas and Ben Hur against Central.

In both the bottom and first, Rosarina has opened up the game for the clubs so they can agree and play the pending matches for the next 10 days, in order to keep everyone updated to reclaim the championship. Progress has already been made on the rescheduling and there will likely be some duels over the weekend

Rosario basketball moves its people, it is anxiously waiting for the ball to go into the air, and the audience can slowly return to the stadiums. The first jump will be with the children and then the first-rate cast will begin to compete, sure with some victims, perhaps a slight lack of basketball, but with the same love and enthusiasm with which they responded to the call to get together to live ex.

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