Sabine Mosser on her health: “I am now alive”

Sabine Mosser on her health: “I am now alive”

for several years, Sabine Moser He was a victim of different episodes They affected his health And they even got it Bedridden. Now, Ulinka Cohen’s translator is in the series Mexican and Guerrero He shares how he is doing and what treatments have allowed him to recover from his various conditions.

“Very well. In October, I was fairly relieved of pain for a year. Now I’m living. I come back to life, back to calm and peace, being able to breathe without pain, without medicine, without anything”, revealed Moser to the means media. “I don’t have any more [de dolor, ni enfermedad]. It’s unbelievable, but what I needed was rest for my body to recover and be able to hit a hundred. “

Regarding your friend and colleague’s COVID-19 infection christmas pattyThe actress admitted that it was a difficult case because of the love that united them. acknowledge your concern; So the only thing he wishes for is a speedy recovery and only sends him messages of encouragement so I can move on.

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“The news has been very strong for me. I think no one, absolutely no one, deserves to be in this situation. The only thing I can do is ask God [Paty Navidad]He said: I hope it will be all right, ask her recovery. “I wish well to everyone and in particular very much.”

Sabine Mosser also revealed that the relationship with the father of her children, Jorge PeraltaThe boys can live with their father on a regular basis. “Everyone is very happy,” he concluded. “Everything is working and everything is in peace.”

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