“Basketball made me win a lot of friends”

“Basketball made me win a lot of friends”

“Dreams come true” is the main message left in this note by Lysandro Segura, a young basketball player from the territory. Learn about the personal and sporting history of a Banco Hispano actor.

– Lisandro, when were you born and how old are you?

– I was born on December 15, 2005, and I am 15 years old.

How is your family made up and how have I supported you so far?

My family is made up of my father, mother, brother and sister. They have always supported me, supported and will support me, as they are my pillar and guide in all my activities.

Where do you live and what are your memories of your childhood?

I live in the 20 de Noviembre district, in the province of Rivadavia. My best memories of my childhood are playing ball with my friends in one of the squares in the neighborhood.

From what age do you play sports?

– I started playing football at the age of three in the little school my brother used to practice, which today is called VILO Club. I remember we were World Cup champions in Trinidad in the 2005 category. Then I quit football and one day my father took me to training in Banco Hispano. He really loves basketball. Since then I have loved it and stayed, exercising I love.

2021-05-04 Sports: Lisandro Segura, the young man who dreams of going away with the orange"

What’s your best basketball game so far?

I have many friends, in fact, this sport allowed me to travel through different provinces and get to know another country, like Chile. Hispano played in the German Basketball Cup every year in the Under-13 and 15-year-olds. I have best friends thanks to sport orange.

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– And in the sports field?

very much. With Banco Hispano we were the Silver Cup champions. I also joined U13 class team of Sanjuanina national team, and was captain. With the club and the local team, we were always in the first place. I also remember when I was in the sixth grade of elementary school, we played the county, district, and territory stages of intercollegiate games of handball. We won it all, it was the first time the school had achieved this. I put that on par with victories in basketball.

2021-05-04 Sports: Lisandro Segura, the young man who dreams of going away with the orange"

What places in Argentina are you known thanks to basketball?

The club has always been called upon to play in other provinces before the pandemic begins. I know places like Mendoza, San Luis and Cordoba. Hope everything returns to normal and travels again.

How did you do with school when you traveled?

I had permission to be absent, but I have an anecdote that I will never be able to forget. When we traveled to Chile in 2019, we were going for 5 days and as a result of the storm in the Cordillera they blocked the pass and we had to stay for another three days. When we were able to return, all the players had to catch up with our studies, which in my case were very late. I missed school for two weeks, when in reality I had to skip school.

What school will you be attending now and in which year are you?

– I am in my fourth year of economics in Escuela Libertador General San Martín.

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What are your short-term and long-term goals in sports?

Being the champion of the club’s tournament in U17 is a short-term goal. In the long run to win a permanent place in First Division, I have some engagements but I want to assert myself in First Division.

2021-05-04 Sports: Lisandro Segura, the young man who dreams of going away with the orange"

– What is your ultimate dream?

– One of my sports dreams is to play a national league, and a more ambitious league, the Every Basketball Player League, to play in the NBA. Dreams have to come true. On a personal level also, I would like to study my bachelor’s degree in business administration.

2021-05-04 Sports: Lisandro Segura, the young man who dreams of going away with the orange"

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