Basketball | Olympics: Sue Bird with the brand: “Surprise, surprise, women’s basketball is less valuable”

Basketball |  Olympics: Sue Bird with the brand: “Surprise, surprise, women’s basketball is less valuable”

NSLast night, NBA was thrilled to see its team qualify for the Olympics in Tokyo. However, the good news was short-lived after a report emerged that exposed a new problem with gender inequality in American basketball.

According to this report, the NCAA Women’s Championship earns more than $600 million less annually than men’s in an unequal distribution of benefits that totaled more than a billion in television rights last season. And all this despite the recommendations of some coaches to tie the competitions despite the readiness of the NFL to prioritize the men’s championship “above anything else”.

“Women’s basketball is selling worse and being undervalued. Surprise, surprise!” A sarcastic response from Sue Bird just minutes after Australia was eliminated at the Tokyo Games. The legendary American base. “I should have informed myself a little better because I barely figured it out, but that doesn’t surprise me.”

Bird also faced another of the most contentious issues in these games, the management of pressure by athletes and more so in the case of those who only need to win, such as the US basketball team.

“We all approach it differently. We come from different places, different teams and we face it individually, but as a team what we remind each other of is that we are 12 players that share everything, we do everything. And so, when one of us breaks down, it’s good to remember That pressure is not a matter of just one. We must try to find confidence in these other 11 people. At the same time we have to remind ourselves of what we are giving to this team. Each of us,” answered the American player Marca.

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