Basque Country: Summary of the first stage, Sergio Higuita, Esteban Chaves – cycling – sport

Basque Country: Summary of the first stage, Sergio Higuita, Esteban Chaves – cycling – sport

Primus Rogelic It was superimposed in the first phase of Tour of the Basque Country, Which took place on Monday over a span of 13 kilometers, is a one-on-one time experiment, in which the best Colombian participated Sergio Higuita.

Roglic is the first leader of the race, having overcome the difficult road that was on that day and his rivals who put him on the ropes to the end.

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Higuita, team runner Education firstHe managed to use himself completely so as not to waste much time and try to regain it in the next mountain stages. He placed 28 to 53 seconds ahead of the winner.

The Colombian Knight is not a specialist and the time spent with the specialists was less than expected so his stage was very good.

Rogelic was one of the first riders to start the race and, as always, remained first. Good day Brandon McNulty, Who assured that he can reach in general.

Adam Yates Who came from winning the Tour of Catalonia, also ended in close proximity to the winner.

Esteban Chaves The other Colombian card occupied the 89th square and was a minute and 39 seconds behind Roglic.

This Tuesday, the second division will be held between Zala and Sistau, at a distance of 154 kilometers, with three mountain awards, two third prizes and one second class.

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