Basque PP and the difficult task of rebuilding its space

Basque PP and the difficult task of rebuilding its space

when Pablo Casado return to Carlos Iturguez At the helm of the Basque Party in 2020, he may have been looking for a turn to the past that would allow the Basque people to reclaim the representation of previous times.

Iturgiz headed the Basque People’s Party between 1996 and 2004, at that time He topped the People’s List of the Basque Parliament in 1998 with great electoral success, making the People’s Party for the first time in history the second political force in the Basque Chamber after the PNV.

The People’s Party was able to repeat the results in the following elections and Jaime Mayor Origa was the headline. With Maria San Gil he went to third place. From there it is always down. And Iturgiz’s comeback didn’t stop the free fallQuite the contrary, despite the fact that they participated in the 2020 elections in alliance with Ciudadanos.

Now they are the fifth force in the Basque Parliament They have lost the power they once had in Alava and Vitoria, as they come to take power for several years in the county council and city council and are looking for a way to allow them to recover before facing a new electoral failure.

Carlos Iturgaiz always highlights Need to unify the right vote And it doesn’t get distracted. This was one of the reasons why the People’s Party attended the elections with the Cs, and that the prospects for a repeat of this alliance are now shattered by the differences between both formations at the national level, They’re trying to take over the militancy and voices that might have gone before that to the orange formation.

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The march of parliamentarian Luis Gordillo from the Communist Party to the People’s Party was an example of the transfer of lost support in favor of the Orange formation, in which the populists trust that the party will solidify again.

Although they assured from the Cs that Gordillo’s march had united the party more and that there was no more “escape” from the gunmen, the fact is that the formation led by José Manuel Gil at Euskadi, was deeply affected, with the testimony in practice present. This obviously could benefit the PP, who, though, still has to deal with the pressure being put on by the Vox on Alava, and with a possible “helpful vote”, might go to the PNV at the risk of being promoted, for example from EH Bildu, or possible left alliances.

loss of influence

The absolute majority of the Basque government in Parliament makes its agreement with any opposition party unnecessary, and this affects the parties with less representation in a more negative way, which, like the People’s Party, in other legislative bodies have become necessary parts in approving laws or budgets, and thus benefited from their under-representation . fact, PP has approved government PNV accounts on several occasions.

This is not the issue now. The People’s Party has not yet submitted to the Minister of Economy and Finance, Pedro Azpiazzo, a proposal to amend the budget – something Bieldo and Elcarquin Podemos have already done – perhaps realizing the few possibilities available to the Socialists and Nationalists to accept their amendments, especially when everything seems to indicate from their statements after the first round of negotiations Their proposals will feature financial demands, which the government has already ruled out as a matter of negotiation.

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With little power to influence and little representation, the popular people have no easy quest for space, and even more so when they are tightly conditioned by the national strategy of the party led by Pablo Casado, which with the return of Iturguez sought to unify. Euskadi’s hardest training wing, perhaps in an effort to cut through the potential of Vox. A claim that also did not work, because the formation of the far-right won a seat for Alava.

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