“Bàsquet en blanc-i-blau” is presented after four years of operation

“Bàsquet en blanc-i-blau” is presented after four years of operation

documentary ‘Basketball at Blanc I PlowSubmitted last Thursday, March 31 at Enrique Pique’s room me Mikhail subordinate Catalan Basketball Federation. This audiovisual piece explores the golden age of the basketball division in Spanishwhich took place between 1984 and 1989. During that period, the blue and white team played four seasons in ACB . League Came to the dispute cork cupWhich was the third highest European club competition. Soon, the authors of this work will announce the platform on which this documentary can be viewed.

builders’Basketball at Blanc I Plow‘ It has been Manil GuasachAnd the Evan Basoules And the save koromina. They have all collected testimonials of the coolest parrot basketball phase of the past four years so they can make this documentary. In detailing this audiovisual piece, the Catalan Basketball FederationThe Catalan Basketball Foundation The legendary photographer Michael Fourneswho was the first Spaniard in his profession to work in a party NBA.

Show ‘Basketball at Blanc I Plow“70 people attended. Some of them were players who were part of the best basketball era in Spanish For example, Manuel BushAnd the Hermenio San EpifanioAnd the Joan MontesAnd the Edo BenyiroAnd the Albert EllaAnd the Oscar CervantesAnd the Maria Eugenie From Barnola me Victor Fandos. In addition, the former coach of the basketball department in educational testing servicesAnd the Jeffrey’s goal. The other characters who attended this act were chief Catalan Basketball FederationAnd the Ariel Ferranhistorian and chief Catalan Basketball FoundationAnd the Luis Boyalto.

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The last part of this documentary refers to a project Spanish sports sectionsWhich was born in 2018 with the aim of being the blue and white club regain its position as a sporting entity. For this reason, the display of ‘Basketball in Blanc-i-Blau‘President attended by SD SpanishAnd the Arnaud BuckHead of the Basketball Department of the said club, Isidre Spike. The latter was also a player educational testing services When he still had a basketball team.

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