Begua can win the championship twice | newspaper

Begua can win the championship twice |  newspaper

The Uruguayan basketball league could end this Monday. For that to happen, Biguá must beat Peñarol in the fourth final. If he did, Villa Biarritz’s duck would become a two-time champion. The appointment is at the Antel Arena when the ball is up, starting at 9:15 p.m.

Biguá comes with a chance to sweep the series, something unimaginable when the finalists were announced. Penarol had just passed Aguada, a perennial favorite, and the scenario in which he couldn’t win a match in three attempts made no sense. But what happened. Biguá is strong, in the final he fought to be able to take the point and score it with a different game than the one he wanted: not short transfers and high percentages of the outside shot, but looking to break into the hoop or manage time and time again Dominican Luis Santos, a high figure in the tournament.

Peñarol by Triple rendezvous point Against, I could only win four games in a row. Of course, the first one, which is precisely on Monday. Pablo Lopez’s men have their latest version as a strong point: a lot of scoring, making good changes to not allow them to shoot comfortably, defending in the front line so that quick transfers do not allow play and rebounding, both defensively and rebounding. aggressively. Argentinian Nicolas Aguirre, the last outing after Mexican Orlando Mendes, would fit in well with the squad and these two could be decisive.

Highlighting a high point from Biguá, who is one game away from lifting the cup, wouldn’t be fair. Directed by Diego Cal, those from Villa Biarritz are at their best. Santiago Vidal plays and makes them play, the foreigners are among the best in the Uruguayan league, if Diego Pena Garcia has a warm hand and has good pedigree, he opens up any defense, but he also has depth in spare parts, as if that were not enough, more than individuals Their strength is the team game.

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