Bàsquet Oliva club offers 220 athletes

Bàsquet Oliva club offers 220 athletes

The big independent man who ended the show with a resounding victory
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The pavilion of the Municipality of Oliva was filled last Saturday on the occasion of the presentation of the Bàsquet Oliva club on a festive day and the meeting of the entire “family” of the entity, after a long period without being able to due to the pandemic. Present to all teams. About 220 players from 16 teams with more than 70 girls. The club wants to thank the families for their trust, especially in the most difficult times that have been overcome in recent years. Also a special thanks to all the sponsors of the club thanks to which the club can continue to grow day by day, reaching more and more people. The club also highlights the support of the city council. And the day of the show ended with the match of the independent big man, who was able to achieve a crushing victory for all the fans (81-30 against Adisafe). The sponsors are Senior A: Karnes Oliva; Senior B: Mombo Optics; Old women: villa – units; Junior Musk: Salome The Residents; Cadet Mask: green fruits; Cadet Fem: Persedekor; Cadet A: Extr3mix Restaurant; Cadet B: Presidcore; Children’s mask: Disglob and Children women: Mompo Optica.

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