Bayern legend Mathews Lewandowski understands: “More and more players want to leave the club”

Bayern legend Mathews Lewandowski understands: “More and more players want to leave the club”

LOr whatever Walking in Bayern with Robert Lewandowski Main topic in Germany. It is surprising that the Polish striker is determined to leave the German club and that he is not alone. In this case, there is no one better than the official voice of Bayern’s German legend Lothar Mathews, who spoke to Bildt about the current affairs of the Bavarian team.

Mathews places himself next to the pole who wants to leave Bayern: “I understand Lewandowski. Something changes in the club, something breaks down, and the professional notices that some things are not the same. “

The German legend laments what is happening in Bayern’s present and future: “It’s a shame. You can see it. More and more players want to leave Bayern. This is not in the past. It certainly does not shine a good light on the club. Some players did not feel comfortable in it. ”

Mathews noted the situation Lewandowski He also mentioned what happens after the center for the club’s stars Nicholas Slay Go for free Borussia Dortmund And it ended Serge Knabri Also refused to extend his contract. In previous years, Cruz and Alaba left the club and enjoyed success at Real Madrid.

Lewandowski has rallied with Poland to play in the first games of the Nations League squad. In the intensity of his choice he was blunt about his future in Bayern: “My cycle is over.” The striker hopes Bayern will listen to him and decided to sell him to another club this summer.

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