Rodolfo Hernandez spoke about Gustavo Petro – Election News – Election 2022

Rodolfo Hernandez spoke about Gustavo Petro – Election News – Election 2022

Presidential candidate Rodolfo Hernandez in an interview with Radio Blu on Tuesday morningReferring to Gustavo Pietro, he said that although he had already seen him, he did not know him.

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He said that although before the competition he was the most attractive man for Petro, now Armando Benedetti and Ruy Barreras, “who are rotten to the core” asked him to give him a wand to weaken him and withdraw votes.

He confirmed that at that time Petro offered him the position of vice president, “and told me everything that he and I were invincible.” He admitted that had they allied themselves with the presidential candidate of the historic pact, they would have won.

“For the Colombians to thank me for not having this plague, if I hadn’t participated, Petro would have already won,” he said.

Rodolfo Hernandez admitted in the 2018 presidential election that he voted for Pietro and “I said that because I’m not sneaky, it went well for me being a man up front and I wouldn’t change.”

“I’ve seen him but I didn’t know him. I made this mistake and one must be corrected (…) I already have experience with him, I’ve seen him but I didn’t know him, now that I know him well No, because I got into it, I was resolute.”

After that he confirmed that he is “alone” where he goes. “Put the signature that Rodolfo Hernandez will achieve everything that was presented in the campaign,” he said.

Finally, he indicated that he was thinking that if he won the presidency, he would send all Colombians a three-second thank-you salute: “With me, no more stealing.”

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Other topics

The presidential candidate also said in the interview that with Sunday’s election, Uribismo died in Colombia and that Petrismo will do so in the second round.

“Dr. Petro, since he has repositories, he has a lot of people working on it, they used to say I’m from Oribista and I’m an Uber 3. These are lies, it’s a way to pull votes from (…) I think so as some say. On Sunday, Uribismo passed away. He’s already dead and buriedOur burial was first class. I think with this polarization between Petro Uribe and Uribe and Petro, fighting every day, we can’t focus on work,” he said.

He insisted again that whoever wanted to receive them with open arms, but that he would not change his speech under any circumstances.

Once again, he mentioned that when voting, Colombians must Deciding on the delivery of state check books to Petro, Ruy Barreras, Pidad Cordoba, Armando Benedetti or Rodolfo Hernandez.

Rodolfo Hernandez was outspoken in saying that he would comply with his motto: “Don’t steal, don’t lie, don’t betray and don’t get away with it.”

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