Belinda and Christian Nodal separate, and he sends her a bid letter

Belinda and Christian Nodal separate, and he sends her a bid letter

Belinda and Christian Nodal separate, and he sends her a bid letter He explains that she is the woman of his life, because he keeps screaming from the rooftops how he is in love with the singer.

Only a few months left Belinda s Christian Nodal They turn into the year of dating, assuring their romantic relationship is stronger than ever and putting an end to rumors that their love was just a publicity thing.

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After, after Belinda He will travel to Spain to record his participation in the series “Bienvenidos a Edén” Netflix Meet other obligations, Christian Nodal He moved in with her and spent several days together working and enjoying the place.

They sometimes uploaded videos to social networks, and they were inseparable from each other Streptococcus He confirmed that he was living one of the best stages of his life through his post on Twitter:

I want to keep sleeping and waking up with her all my life. “

We’ve seen them having breakfast and painting, and now it’s a temporary goodbye, okay Belinda He returned to Mexico to fulfill his obligations. “The Voice Kids, A program where he will be coach again, in a painting featuring Maria Jose, Mao, Ricky and Camilo as well.

Belinda and Christian Nodal, love from afar for a few days

Through social networks, Kristi Nodal, mother-in-law Belinda, They shared a video where Belinda was spotted singing during Christian Nodal He plays the piano and indicates how much he misses them, to which Belinda replies that he should visit them soon, raising doubts that it is a constant thing that the couple are actually living together.

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Meanwhile, Christian Nodal He did not hesitate to wish his wife good luck, noting that she was always his favorite coach and that from now on she supports “Team Belinda”.

Although it is expected soon Belinda y Christian Nodal Back together, the singer was not left with a compliment to her boyfriend and after Nodal showed off her new haircut, Belinda commented:

You look very handsome with your long hair, I love this look !! I don’t know what the girls are thinking, does he look so handsome that way with these Chinese guys ??? Hanging so he leaves it like that and doesn’t cut it. ”

Belinda She did not stop throwing flowers at her boyfriend, because in another comment with the same picture she revealed:

You are the most beautiful thing my eyes have ever seen. ”

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Belinda y Christian Nodal They have become one of the favorite couples in show business today and their followers hope to later formalize their relationship with an engagement and wedding, despite other people’s insistence that they are very young and the best thing is that they are having fun in the meantime. Love.

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