Belinda dedicated her new song to Christian Nodal

Belinda dedicated her new song to Christian Nodal

2 hours ago singer and model Belinda Share on his YouTube channel A new songwhich many can quickly guess about the fact that she will be destined for her ex-boyfriend and fiance too Christian Nodal.

This beautiful blonde with hypnotic green eyes, spelled out with the song’s lyrics, in case it was really dedicated to the song. singer That he was once the love of his life, that she didn’t need him at all, and that she practically would rather be alone than put up with more lies.

From the moment I started writing this note, it’s been six hours since this new song was posted Belindawhich will surely leave many people speechless, starting with just the name: Lies “C*bron”.

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The video lasts 3:21 minutes and has already racked up 196,720 views, as well as 4,996 comments from his most loyal fans, and it will soon start turning into a trend, especially due to his recent split from Nodal, and we’ll share it right with you. far.

Soon the singer’s fans started liking her, writing her messages about the fact that they liked her and inviting others to play her until she reached millions of views.

Let’s go Beli fans who support the pop princess in Mexico, and win as always,” one fan commented.

The song as indicated in the song title is only a demo, maybe soon and considering the popularity it has these days I can release it officially.

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In the lyrics of the song, she talks about a couple who thought she would be so sad and that she wouldn’t even be able to get over her, however, she would be in for a big surprise after losing her forever.

“I’m tired of your lies, I don’t want your kisses anymore”, is one of the phrases we find in melody Belindawhich some people can sense quickly, especially when it comes to someone who lied a lot and we’re already exhausted.

Come on Billy, you deserve the gold, give it a try, it’s just a storm that will pass. Whoever did not make mistakes did not live, do not let your positivity affect you as always, many blessings, you are so beautiful, one fan commented.

The sound of the song is like reggaeton, the lyrics are very harsh, and we can easily find some clues to understanding the breakup that happened with Christian Nodal and not specifically because of infidelity.

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