Summary of the Tigress vs Atletico de San Luis (2-1) match. Goals

Summary of the Tigress vs Atletico de San Luis (2-1) match.  Goals

At Clausura 2022 Tigress added his fourth victory Then Atletico returned 2-1 to San Luis A Fit In which Efferson Sodelto came on as a substitute and made two assists So Carlos Gonzalez and Andre-Pierre Gignog recorded success on the university field.

With this conclusion, Directed by Miguel Herrera are in second place With 13 points, waiting for what happens in the rest Match Day 6When Potassinos are final With three units.

In the first part, Holding the ball went to the cats60 percent registered, But they could not reflect it on the scoreboardOnly one shot on goal and Bad movement during crime.

The first option of the match was in the 10th minuteWhen John Murillo Ran to the left He picked up a diagonal that could not be closed by his teammates After being diverted by a local guard, he was able to escape through the crime and through the area.

Only one shot from Florian Tavv was aimed at the goal Of the royal family, 27 ‘. The French caught an air balloonReturned, But you were distracted by Bilbao The ball is a corner kick.

Before the small idea to open the Potosino lock, Miguel Herrera Efferson decided to enter SodeltoAs well as Igor Lichnovsky in the second half, Juan Pablo Vikon and Diego Reyes respectively.

Fakundo Waller surprised Nahuel Guzman at 54’sWhen Sodelto missed a ball, the Uruguayan shot from the midfield, which ended in a corner kick.

Lichnovsky scored the first goal After meeting at the volcano, unfortunately for him, the ball He put it on his own doorstep After a corner kick.

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Tau caused a good stir at the partyGood personal plays and At 64 ‘he was able to equalize with Chile Tropido was able to deflect with a corner kick.

Carlos Gonzalez banged in as a substitute When Juan Manuel Sanabria was expelled. El Piojo tried to take advantage of the numerical advantage, and it paid off He equalized the game at 72 ‘with one head Soteldo after a big cross.

Zignag did second For people coming from Monterrey, when At 76 ‘he finished with a ball in the area With another help from Sodelto, he put in a far-reaching post from Provero to highlight his team.

On match day 7, Tigress visits FC Juarez Friday, February 25 at 9:00 pm, during Atletico de San Luis returns to Monterrey to face Rio de Janeiro Saturday 26 at 5:06 p.m.

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