Benefits of coffee beans

Benefits of coffee beans

Let’s start this complete guide to coffee beans right away by discussing their benefits. And yes, because the many benefits I am going to share with you here will allow you to stop going back and never buy ground coffee again (if the few drawbacks listed below don’t bother you)!

Coffee quality

The first advantage of choosing coffee beans is that you are more likely to get quality coffee.

Be careful, I am not saying that all coffee sold in beans is of quality!

But by consuming coffee beans, you will be able to choose your coffee as best you can (we’ll see how you can do that later) and enjoy all the tasting benefits that coffee has to offer.

In fact, once the coffee is ground, it loses its flavor more quickly!


This is how we get to the second feature which is partly related to the previous one. It is about preservation. Whatever type of coffee you buy (bean or ground), it’s important to store it in good conditions (again, we’ll discuss storage later on this page).

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But coffee beans have an advantage over ground coffee. It keeps getting better and longer. In fact, when coffee is ground, it is more susceptible to oxidation and thus loses its organic properties.

The taste

This brings us to the third benefit, which is the taste of coffee! And yes, coffee beans keep better and retain their flavor for longer.

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So, for the same coffee that’s been roasted at the same time, you’ll be able to appreciate its flavors and flavors more if you buy it from the beans rather than actually ground. You just need to grind it before consuming it.

Choose an extraction method

One of the main advantages of consuming whole coffee beans is the choice of extraction method. And yes, as you probably know, each method of making coffee requires a certain grind size.

By purchasing ground coffee, unfortunately you do not have the opportunity to choose one method and then another the next. If you buy ground filter coffee, you will only be able to make filter coffee.

With coffee beans, you can choose to make filter coffee in the morning, espresso in the afternoon, and French press in the afternoon (provided you have the right coffee grinder(s)!

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