Benefits of Recycling cooking oil

Benefits of Recycling cooking oil

We are all a part of the global wide climate change and the challenges that are coming along with it. Our daily life habits hurt the environment in several ways; without us even realising. Some of us do realise and are consciously trying to hurt our Mother Nature less. Here are some things that add to the global warming and destructive climate change:

Plastic bags

Leaving the lights on

Leaving the tap running

Pouring chemicals in the drain

Paper wastage

The list can go on and on but we often forget cooking oil in the list. We are completely oblivious of how it can be harmful for the environment although we are using it in our kitchen daily.  We dispose of it irresponsibly. But this is where restaurants get into cooking oil recycling. They don’t pour it out in the drains and there are a handful of purifying this used oil. Let’s unveil them.

  1. Waste reduction:

Recycling cooking oil makes a lot of difference in waste and reduces it significantly. Cooking oil is easily solidified in chunks and they end up clogging the drain and the sewage system too. These are not only harmful for the environment but are disruptive for your kitchen sewage system too. The water flow will be blocked and you will need a plumber to fix it. Likewise, it will cause issues for the entire drainage system gradually and will pollute the areas it is exited into.

  1. Helpful for local businesses:

Many restaurants are actively using the process of recycling cooking oil these days. It is growing significantly because the number of restaurants is also growing. Recycling brings a huge revenue for the local restaurants. The extra revenue can help in generating new jobs or reducing the prices somehow. Thus, it is helpful overall.

  1. Environment Friendly:
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Climate change is real and it is scary for the world. The coming years are bringing in highly rising temperatures and extremities in weathers. Greenhouse emissions are also adding to the problem. Thus, by recycling used cooking oil, people are consciously putting effort in saving the environment. To save Mother Nature, as the waste reduces, it gradually becomes good for the environment which helps us put in an effort and play a role in reducing the negative impacts of climate change. Lastly, it also reduces greenhouse emissions too.

  1. Reduced landfill:

A Lot of people assume that if they throw the oil in the garbage instead of pouring it down the drain; they are doing a great job. Although it does reduce the damage, it is still adding to the landfill. It is still a poor method to manage oil. Landfill dumping still increases waste and harms the environment. Thus, it is best to recycle it and reduce landfill as well.


There are various perks of recycling cooking oil as it reduces emissions, landfill and helps in crafting a sustainable future.

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