Best ways to entertain yourself while waiting for your ‘significant other’ to be ready for your date

Best ways to entertain yourself while waiting for your ‘significant other’ to be ready for your date

If there is one thing for certain in any relationship, it is that there is always one person ready to walk out of the door before the other is. Invariably it is the same person every time. If this person is you, then you will understand that pacing the floor does nothing but wear the flooring out, and getting frustrated and verbal can totally ruin the impending evening.

So, you will require a way of staying calm, not watching the clock, and definitely not pacing the floor.

Read local restaurant reviews

Planning ahead is always a good move if you want to impress your loved one with really great date nights, and choosing the perfect restaurant to take them to as and when you get a free evening will not be a wasted experience.

With this in mind, it is a very wise idea to do your research before you book a table or even plan your evening together. Having a spare 5 minutes (or even half an hour) while you are waiting for your loved one to make their grand entry can be the perfect time to start this valuable research.

Play a quick game

If you have already done your research, picked your desired restaurant, and your date is still not ready, you are likely to want something else to do other than twiddle your thumbs, get bored, or even worse, get frustrated.

What you need in this case is a distraction, and there is no better distraction than playing a game. Obviously, you do not want to get involved with a long-winded game just in case you miss the grand entrance and are then subjected to the silent treatment for the rest of the evening, so you’ll want a quick game or a few quick games that you will be able to put down as soon as you need to.

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In this case, you may find that what you really need is the best online pokies, where there will be a varied choice of games for you to choose from that will require a certain level of concentration which will take your mind off of the time, but could be quite quick. You’ll will be able to walk away without constantly wanting to see what is happening in your game or end up being too distracted to enjoy the rest of the evening (which could also land you in the dog house).

Look up romantic gifts online

If you want to stay in the good books, there is always the option of purchasing a romantic or naughty gift for your beloved one to either admire and show off to the world or to play with and keep solely for your enjoyment together.

Depending on the type of person that your loved one is, it will depend heavily on which type of gift will go down the best. Although you may enjoy doing this kind of online shopping, you may find it necessary to find out before you actually make a purchase. However, in order to keep your proposed gift a surprise, you could have a bit of fun in finding this sort of information out.

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