Between 10 and 20% of pregnant women in Haiti are hospitalized

Between 10 and 20% of pregnant women in Haiti are hospitalized

Santo Domingo, RD.

A decrease of 10-20% of Haitian women working in the country’s hospitals has led to the registration of the health system in recent days, after measures that established immigration controls in border regions.

This was revealed yesterday by the Minister of Public Health, Daniel Rivera, who confirmed that health centers continue to provide quality care, without compromising his rights. He noted that the decrease in the presence of Haitian mothers in Creole hospitals reduces the demand for care and is manifested in an increase in the quality of service provided.

He noted that although this is a problem dating back to a long time, in the past three years it has seen a significant increase, with 93 thousand births recorded, an increase of 75%.

Regarding the complaint about pregnant women being taken from the country’s maternity hospitals when they go in search of medical services, the official said there could be a misinterpretation of the provisions somewhere, but health workers know that every patient should treat whoever arrives with warmth and quality, just as as it happens.

The state did not violate the rights of anyone in an emergency situation, he said, specifying.

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