Biden administration imposes restrictions on drone strikes outside war zones | International

Biden administration imposes restrictions on drone strikes outside war zones |  International
President Joe Biden at the White House.Tom Brenner / Reuters

The Biden administration has secretly imposed time limits Drone attacks (drones) Aimed at the so-called terrorists Commando tests outside war zones In Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq. The move was not made public when it was implemented on January 20, the day President Joe Biden took office. Officials are also examining how much margin size Maneuvering to provide military and CIA in counter-terrorism operations In connection with what was established during the Donald Trump government.

Executive staff spoke anonymously, saying National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan had imposed the ban The New York Times, The first local media to advertise the news. Among the changes made in the attack plans was the fact that the military and the CIA must have White House approval before making any attempt to kill or capture suspects in areas where the U.S. Armed Forces are few or no troops. Somalia, Yemen and Libya. During the Trump era, this permission was not required, but they required the approval of the US ambassador to the country where the action was taken, which met certain requirements and justified the attack.

Legal issues

Officials in charge of the matter explained to the US newspaper that these stringent restrictions are an interim solution, while the Biden administration is reviewing anti-terrorism policy and procedures for killing or capturing suspects outside war zones established by the Trump administration. Although the former Republican president significantly relaxed the limits on counter-terrorism attacks outside war zones with legal and political issues, the number of trips was lower than during his tenure. Barack Obama administration, According to him Times.

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The use of drones for counter-terrorism operations has been used by the last three U.S. administrations. In Obama’s first post, with Vice President Biden, A significant increase in targeted killings using long-range pilot aircraft. In his second term, significant restrictions were imposed on this practice. The changes he has accepted since Biden came to the White House have practically paralyzed this type of activity.

Emily Horn, spokeswoman for the National Security Council, promised Washington Post The review of legal frameworks and the principles of “targeted attacks” are still in their infancy. Those in charge of the department have been collecting data from the military and the CIA, such as official estimates of civilian casualties caused by these types of trips during the Trump era. These changes come almost two decades after the start of the war on Islamic terrorism, and Al Qaeda and ISIS have been weakened, although they have not been defeated.

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