A McDonald’s employee is 100 years old and isn’t considering retirement yet

A McDonald’s employee is 100 years old and isn’t considering retirement yet

Ruth Schuster A woman who has worked for more than two decades with the American fast food giant McDonald’sHe blew out 100 candles on his birthday cake, but he says, You haven’t considered retiring yet.

“It doesn’t look any different,” Schuster told local TV channels that she interviewed on her wedding anniversary.

The celebration attracted so much sympathy among customers and residents of North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, that McDonald’s set up its own mailbox to receive greeting cards and letters.

This woman, who reached her 100th birthday last Wednesday, started working in the restaurant chain in 1994, when she was 73 years old, and after 27 years she continues to perform the role.

“I became a widow when I was 50, and I’ve always, always, always worked out since then, and I love to work,” said Shuster, a little buoyant and big-bohemian who wore a black uniform and a hat of the same color.

Three days a week, Shuster does his job. Before the pandemic, he was responsible for cleaning tables and greeting customers, but now he misses welcoming people the way he used to.

Remember especially on Fridays, when they would receive clients singing “You Are My Sun” (“You Are My Sun”) and dancing.

“You can’t dance anywhere. There are no dances,” said this woman who considers herself lucky to continue working her age.

When asked about her plans for retirement, she bluntly said, “Impossible. I don’t even think about it.”

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