Biden administration warns Putin about Russian hackers after attack on Miami company

Biden administration warns Putin about Russian hackers after attack on Miami company

The Biden government is asking Russia to help stop “hackers” from that country.


President’s government Joe Biden Issued a warning to the Russian president Russian President Vladimir Putin On working against “hackers” operating in the United States.

She was the White House spokeswoman, Jane Psaki, Who sent the message, confirming that it revolves around it حول A “reminder” of what President Biden did to his Russian counterpart during their meeting in Geneva.

“I’ll just repeat one message… As the President explained to President Putin when they met: If the Russian government cannot, or does not, take action against criminal actors residing in Russia, we will take action, or reserve the right to act on our own.Said Psaki at the conference. “A high-ranking member of our national security team has had contact with high-ranking Russian officials.”

The warning comes, following reports that the FBI is investigating what could become one of the world’s largest ransomware attacks ever Russia-based cybercrime group “REvil” demands $70 million ransom from Miami-based software company Kaseya last Friday.

The attack affected many customers, including Swedish supermarket chain Coop, which closed most of its 800 stores for two days.

Federal authorities are on alert, After similar attacks on Colonial Pipeline and JBS (Meat Processor), but the Department of Homeland Security indicated that This type of aggression will be more common.

However, although media such as CBS News reported that the attack was carried out by “Revell,” the spokeswoman said the intelligence community has not yet attributed the cyber attack.

“The cybersecurity community agrees that our evil operates out of Russia with affiliates around the world, but in our conversations, and we’ve communicated directly, we continue to convey this message clearly,” he said, referring to a request for action from the Putin government.

Although the hackers originally requested $70 million, according to Reuters, the figure has been reduced to $50 million, but the White House does not support the policy of paying attackers.

Our ransomware policy remains the same as it was several months ago, meaning that we do not advise companies to pay in ransomware cases, as it encourages bad actors to repeat this behavior.Psaki said.

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