DANONE Romania implements eLeader Mobile Visit to automate its sales activities

DANONE Romania implements eLeader Mobile Visit to automate its sales activities

A valuable IT project with Polish roots has been successfully launched in Romania. DANONE, a manufacturer of popular yogurts and homogenized cheeses, in an attempt to strengthen the effectiveness of its field sales, implemented eLeader Mobile Visit, a Sales Force Automation (SFA) system which replaced the previously existing solutions.

Based on the positive experience of implementing the system in Poland, the managers responsible for the Romanian market replaced the previously used systems for sales representatives with one complete application: SFA eLeader Mobile Visit.

Currently, as in Poland, DANONE representatives use the application to study in-store product displays (parameters such as presence and share of shelf), conduct surveys and participate in the fridge management process.

“During the implementation of eLeader’s system, I placed a special emphasis on precise process design and efficient flow of related data. eLeader showed a complete understanding of our requirements and offered a system configured precisely to meet our needs. This way I know that at every stage of strategy execution we have reliable and up-to-date data”.

Dariusz Radzimirski
Business  Systems Manager – Topline Sales

eLeader’s application for smartphones also made it possible to implement new visit scenarios and improved the quality of its users’ work. Combining all existing activities into a single system had a positive impact both on the efficiency of DANONE Romania sales representatives and the time they needed to complete their tasks.

“When the time came for major changes in the way our people worked in the field, we needed a new system that could accommodate the new shape of different types of tasks. eLeader offered a solution that provides us with plenty of support in the field every day. The change of the system for eLeader Mobile Visit was smooth and people quickly came to appreciate how intuitive the app is and how fast and reliable the information flow is in both directions.”

Irina Cenusa

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Commercial Development Manager


The eLeader Mobile Visit system has expanded its data collecting and reporting capabilities. The acquired information lays the foundations for a reliable evaluation of (sales) results and a thorough analysis of sales plan execution.

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eLeader is one of the leading providers of Retail Store Execution solutions which support execution of sales strategies in the field. The continuously developed mobile SFA/FFM systems, equipped with artificial intelligence that improves e.g.  visual merchandising, are recognized by global analytics centers (e.g. Gartner, POI) and have been implemented by international concerns in over 80 countries. The company is the foundation of eLeader Group, which also provides mobile banking systems (Finanteq) and solutions automating the development of business applications (Productive24).

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